Rockbond Waterproofing Powder

This admixture is used for waterproofing concretes, mortars and renders. It inhibits absorption and passage of water through concrete and mortars.

Sika Max Mix Mortar Plasticiser

This highly concentrated formula is an liquid air entraining agent for brick laying mortars, renders, pointing and screeds. It can be used in all situations where improved workability is required. 

CEMIX Multibond

Multibond is used as a multi-purpose bonding primer and admixture where high performance & durability are required.

CEMIX MortarFlex Plus

MortarFlex Plus is used as an additive in brick and block laying and plaster work.

CEMIX Accelerset

Accelerset speeds up the rate of which Portland cement sets & hardens. Ideal for winter work when cure times need to be kept short

CEMIX Cemplus

Cemplus is a very active non-staining liquid which mixes with water to improve work-ability & adhesion of cement mortar & plaster

CEMIX R20 Surface Retarder

R20 Surface Retarder reveals aggregate in fresh concrete by delaying the surface set, so that the mortar paste may be brushed and washed from between the aggregate particles to produce an attractive exposed finish.

Lime Juice

LIME JUICE is a colourless liquid admixture, engineered as a lime alternative in lime-cement mortars.


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