Rockbond Waterproofing Powder 15kg Pail



Rockbond® Waterproofing Powder

Are you getting efflorescence or white salts coming out on your mortar and bricks after laying them?

Cure the problem now with Rockbond® Waterproofing Powder! This admixture is used for waterproofing concretes, mortars and renders. It inhibits absorption and passage of water through concrete and mortars. It's widely used by brick, block & paver layers to eliminate efflorescence.

This is very cost effective, a little goes a long way.

Mix into cement at the same time the cement is added to the aggregate. This will prevent mineral salts migrating out of the mortar to your brick surface. 

Please note that for use in bricklaying and block laying mortar adhesion, it is recommended to mix at a rate of 1%, i.e. 1kg to 100kg of cement.

For general concreting work it is recommended to mix at a rate of 2% i.e. 2kg to 100kg of cement.

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