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LIME JUICE is a colourless liquid admixture, engineered as a lime alternative in lime-cement mortars. Lime Juice provides all the technical features of traditional lime compounds without the hazard of being highly caustic. It also replaces ALL OTHER PLASTICISERS. 

Lime Juice complies with the Australian Masonry Structures AS 3700 Standards.
Developed by brickies, for brickies, it's the safer alternative that's cheaper and easier to use. With one five-litre bottle equal to 10 x 20-kilogram bags of lime, it's the cost-saver you need on your job site, significantly reducing the cost of mortar.

Lime Juice makes working with cement easier. Just 50 grams (2 x capfuls) per 20 kilograms of cement extends plastering mortar setting times, increasing cohesion and adhesion while decreasing the risk of defects. Completely non-caustic, bricklayers can start work immediately without risking their safety and with no additional PPE.

Work smarter by selecting Lime Juice lime replacement mortar additive for your business.

Available in 5L

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