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Three Ways To Keep Your Home Rodent Free

Even if you haven’t diagnosed yourself with this phobia, there is a high chance you don’t want rodents in your house anyway – the black plague anyone?Three key actions you can take to make your house rodent free:1. Preventive pest control.DIY or professional, there are a lot of options from bait and trap, to repelling with a high pitched frequency plug. 2. Don’t be so attractive. Feed friends only – garden fruit, veges or other stored goods, including water, make an easy lifestyle for ...

April 27, 2023

Top Quality Raimondi Iperbet Mixer

When we were asked by a customer to source a mixer that would mix up grout and glue for tiling bulk loads quicker than the usual mixers, we got to work. We went the extra mile to get it for the customer when he requested it. We especially imported this Italian made mixer, with the utmost care. A real world class product, the quality is second to none! If you want one like it just reach out to our team and we'll get anything you need in for you. Let us know if we can help you with sourcing a...

October 20, 2021

Diamantek Cut & Grind Diamond Blade

Many stone & masonry workers will know the frustration having to change tools many times through a job to alternate between cutting & grinding tasks for shaping of a sculpture, benchtop or other work piece. The new Diamantek Cut/Grind blade now allows you to cut & grind surfaces in the one tool!Available in 125mm diameter | DCG125...

September 30, 2021

Siliencio vs Conventional Diamond Blades

Summit Tools's range of silencio diamond blades provides a range of high quality, fast cutting, long life diamond blades for cutting a range of substrates silently. Watch the video below where Scott explains and demonstrates the difference:...

September 30, 2021

Bust Dust to prevent Silicosis!

Silicosis is an irreversible & progressive disease that causes fibrosis of the lungs, the only known treatment for advanced cases of disease is a lung transplant. While New Zealand currently has no recorded cases of advanced silicosis, not so fortunate are our Australian neighbors where in Queensland alone there were 99 confirmed cases as of February 2019. The majority of those cases according to industry authorities were not presenting symptoms....

September 29, 2021

Wet & Dry Brick Saw! Sima Handy 350

By now anyone in the stone, brick or masonry trade would have received plenty of information around the evils of dry cutting & the adverse health affects it can have if measures are not taken to avoid it. If you are not familiar, just google search the term, or see the dedicated resource that Worksafe NZ has dedicated to the topic here: Worksafe - Accelerated Silicosis...

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