Wet & Dry Brick Saw! Sima Handy 350

By now anyone in the stone, brick or masonry trade would have received plenty of information around the evils of dry cutting & the adverse health affects it can have if measures are not taken to avoid it. If you are not familiar, just google search the term, or see the dedicated resource that Worksafe NZ has dedicated to the topic here: Worksafe - Accelerated Silicosis

What does a brick saw have to do with that?

Given that the source of dust generation is from the action of cutting, drilling or grinding it's often best to fix the problem there.

That was the thinking behind the development of the SIMA HANDY 350 back at the factory in Spain when the concept of a wet/dry saw was first conceived!

The easiest way to stop dust generation while cutting is through 'wet cutting', something most brick layers are already doing these days. However dry cutting can have it's advantages such as less mess (no mud & slurry) & more time efficient.

Most 'dustless-saws' cannot be used for wet cutting due to design that is very 'dustless' centric. The team at Sima recognised that wet cutting still does have advantages so consequently build a saw that can do both - As seen in the video above.

Conventional wet cut, or dry cut with a suitable twin or three motor vac to catch up to 90% of dust!

Sima Handy 350 Benefits

  • Dry cut with a suitable 2 or 3 motor vacuum
  • Wet cut without a vacuum
  • Lightweight design makes it ideal for taking up the scaffold for gable end work!
  • 350mm blade diameter
  • Made in Spain!

Talk to us today about making a Sima Handy 350 yours!

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