Three Ways To Keep Your Home Rodent Free

What is an extreme fear of mice and rats called? Musophobia.

Even if you haven’t diagnosed yourself with this phobia, there is a high chance you don’t want rodents in your house anyway – the black plague anyone?

Three key actions you can take to make your house rodent free:

1.Preventive pest control.

  • DIY or professional, there are a lot of options from bait and trap, to repelling with a high pitched frequency plug.

2.Don’t be so attractive.

  • Feed friends only – garden fruit, veges or other stored goods, including water, make an easy lifestyle for pests.

3.Eradicate entry points

  • This is the hard one. Apart from keeping doors and windows closed, most houses have air vents/weep holes in the façade [link to leaky house blog] at the perfect height for rodents. You may have never noticed these tiny gaps – they are essential for keeping your house warm, thermally efficient and damp proof – but they lead to the wall cavity, then the roof void, then the inside of the home. Mice are Olympians, they can squeeze through pencil thin gaps and jump about 24cm high. Blocking these weep holes to keep out rodents is NOT an option. Weep holes are part of the system that keeps your house from rotting, and are legally required.

    Enter the Weepa Block.

    Designed so air can flow and water can drain, but rodents, insects and spiders are locked out.


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