Agent Blue

Available in variety of concentrates to suit your application.


Available in 5L or 20L containers. Hypastat is a DG product.

Peel & Stick Tape

Cotton Reinforcing Tapes also available.

Kemseal WBE

Available in 1L, 4L, 8L or 20L containers.

Kemseal S-80

Available in 2L, 4L or 15L containers.                    

There is a Kemseal Handi-Pak available which includes 

  • 1 x Kemseal WBE Primer
  • 1 x Kemseal S-80 4L
  • 1 x Roller & Tray
  • 2 x Extra Roller Sleeves 
  • 1 x Cutting in Brush

If these quantities fit your requirements this will replace the need to purchase the Kemseal WBE and Kemseal S-80 separately. 


This is a step by step guide to your asbestos encapsulation project. If you'd like further help please feel free to Contact Us with the details of your project for any advice and guidance.

✓ Spray Agent Blue Moss & Mould Kill on the asbestos area. Leave the roof for 3 months while that product works away over that time.

✓ Spray on Hypastat using a hand sprayer with a course wetting nozzle, and leave on for at least 30 mins. 

– Mix at a ratio of 1:2 with water. i.e. 20L Hypastat is mixed with 40L water, so will make 60L. Coverage 240m².
– Once mixed this will cover approx. 4 sq metres per litre.

✓ Rinse off with a water blaster and ensure you have a clean, dry surface before continuing.

✓ Bridge sealing edges, laps, vents & joints in the roof with Kemseal Reinforcing Tape or Kemseal Peel & Stick Tape.

✓ Stir up both the Kemseal WBE Part A and Part B individually for a couple of minutes, until each of them is thoroughly mixed.

✓ Mix together the Kemseal WBE Part A and the Kemseal WBE Part B until well combined. 

✓ Apply 1 Layer of Kemseal WBE to the whole area. Leave it to dry for approx. 1 hour, or until dry to touch.

– 1L Part A & Part B mixed does 6 - 8m2.
– Apply the Kemseal S-80 on top of this primer within 2 days at the latest, to ensure the primer doesn't get too hard.

✓ Apply the first Layer of Kemseal S-80 using a brush or roller. Leave it to dry for approx. 3-12 hours depending on weather conditions.

– Apply a minimum thickness of 1L per 2m2.
– A 15L bucket will coat 30m2 total.
– Wait until the first coat can be walked on without causing damage before applying the second coat.

✓ Apply the second Layer of Kemseal S-80 after the first coat is dry.


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  • Low pressure waterblast is recommended, to wash off any dirt and residue
  • For safety wear gloves, safety glasses and mask, to avoid contact with the asbestos. 



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