AGENT BLUE Moss & Mould Kill

Agent Blue Moss & Mould Kill is formulated to work were other moss & mould products do not!

Stratacote's contracting division had been using its own moss, mould and lichen kill solution for some time, after receiving extremely positive feed back from customers that it's 'The one that works' Stratacote has made it available for purchase under the AGENT BLUE brand!

A highly effective water-based formula for widespread and long term control of moss, mould and lichen. It  removes moss, mould and lichen growth from surfaces such as concrete pathways, brick walls, roof tiles and any concrete or masonry type of surface. The aqueous solution  has strong residual properties and continues to inhibit growth over varying time spans. ( usually 3 years, depending on local conditions and specific areas)

Ready To Go

Agent Blue - Ready To Go comes pre-mixed ready for immediate application.

5L covers 20m2

Agent Blue moss, mould and lichen remover - Home owner strength


Agent Blue Contractor is formulated to cover larger areas and meet contractor requirements.

5L covers 240m2 after mixing

Agent Blue Moss, Moul & Lichen Kill


Agent Blue 20L Super Concentrate is especially for commercial contractors frequent use.

20L covers 4800m² after mixing.

Agent Blue Moss & Mould Kill advantages:

  • Highly active and fast effect, Agent Blue Moss & Mould Kill begins killing moss, mould and lichen immediately!
  • High penetration, Agent Blue Moss & Mould Kill penetrates further into bricks and concrete to kill any roots and tendrils that may have developed, preventing immediate regrowth.
  • Long lasting mould removal, Agent Blue Moss & Mould Kill has very strong residual properties that prevent regrowth of moss, mould & lichen for approximately 3 years!


Moss, mould and lichen should be removed from any Oamaru Stone, Brick, Block or Masonry surface to prevent damage. Check out the below blog for more info

The presence of mould and lichen on footpaths is also a health and safety hazard, treating pavements and walkways with Agent Blue ensures long term elimination of moss, mould and lichen!

Not sure if you have mould? Check out this helpful link for identifying mould: How to recognise mould

Highly effective on:




Lichen growth on steps

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