Diamond Grinding Cup Wheels

A full range of quality wheels from stripping to surface prep and finishing.

Diamond Grinding Cup Wheels

Arrow Head Cup Wheel

Arrow head cup wheels are ideal for removing rubberised & bituminous coatings.

Purple: Super aggressive, soft to hard concrete
Green: Super aggressive, soft to medium concrete
Brown: Aggressive, hard to extra hard concrete

Note: Green cup wheel is shown for all colour types below.

Zig Zag Cup Wheel

Zig Zag design for extremely fast coating & stock removal.

Purple: Soft to Hard concrete
Brown: Hard to Extra hard concrete

Note: Brown cup wheel is shown for all colour types below.

Munta Cup Wheel

Impressive removal rate of bulk concrete & a wide range of surface coatings without severe scratching. Superior bite & cooling. Long life

Goliath Cup Wheel

A traditional favourite design for aggressive prep cutting.

Purple: Super aggressive in soft to hard concrete
Blue: Long life in soft to medium concrete

Note: Blue cup wheel is shown for both colour types below.

Hardcore Cup Wheel

For maximum removal rates of hard/extra hard concrete or previously polished surfaces without leaving harsh scratches.

S Turbo Cup Wheel

Extremely long life in a wide variety of concrete & brick. Steady smooth stock removal with a 30G finish.

PCD Cup Wheel

8 large PCD segments for fast removal of heavy coatings such as lino etc. 4 additional diamond pads reduce the PCD depth of bite

Stripper Cup Wheel

Designed for fast coatings removal & scratching up concrete for keying in a new coating rather than grinding away.

Dr. Cup Wheel

Smooth removal of rough edges such as trip hazards & badly damaged concrete. Very long life & smooth 30G finish

Deco Disc Cup Wheel

Deco discs for final surface grinding.

Medium (Red): For removing heavy scratches fast. leaving a honed finish with some grip.
Fine (Yellow): Fine finishing to remove scratches, bringing aggregate colours to life before polishing or clear coating.


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