Traditional Slaked Lime Putty

Stratacote Slaked Lime Putty has been used to make traditional lime mortar for re-pointing or lime plaster for internal & external rendering when traditional construction methods are required. Slaked Lime Putty is the choice of stonemasons & heritage architects New Zealand wide for use in historical restoration work. The Stratacote Slaked Lime Putty that we sell is matured for a minimum of 3 months prior to sale & can also be used as a lime wash when watered down.


Slaked Lime was used in the restoration of the sign of the takahe on the port hills
Stratacote Slaked Lime Putty was used in the restoration of the Sign of the Takahe

Lime mortar for the restoration was supplied by Stratacote
Lime Mortar for the restoration of Claremont house was supplied by Stratacote

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