Dricon Concrete Treatment - CT


Dricon Concrete Treatment

DriconĀ® CT is the new safe way to etch concrete or remove efflorescence and unwanted concrete build up!

Available in 1L, 5L & 20L Jerrycans.


  • Water soluble for easy, residue free rinsing
  • No acid fumes - can be used indoors and outdoors without special breathing equipment
  • No corrosion or rusting of most metals in surrounding environment
  • Non aggressive to skin & metals
  • 150x less corrosive to steel and 500x less corrosive to aluminium compared to 20% hydrochloric acid
  • On-demand technology - DriconĀ® CT only becomes active when exposed to the target surface (concrete) unlike normal acids that release all their available activity immediately and indiscriminately

As this is classified as Dangerous Goods we cannot ship online. Please contact us for current pricing and delivery to your door. 


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