​CEMIX Oxide Powder 10kg - Black or Dark Brown


Colour (Black, Dark Brown):

CEMIX Oxide Powder 10kg

This Oxide Powder is a high quality colour stable iron oxide, used in the production of coloured concretes, mortars and plaster mixes. It is manufactured to the highest of standards, ensuring vibrant colours are achieved. CEMIX OXIDE POWDER will not contribute to efflorescence.

Suitable Applications & Uses:
✓ Concretes
✓ Mortars
✓ Plasters
✓ Screeds

With variables of materials used, water addition and finishing, all cement based products, with or without the addition of oxides, may by nature appear inconsistent in shade. Variations may resemble half through full paint tints.
Adding more of any oxide beyond the recommend maximum dose will not in general have a major impact on the depth of colour due to oxides having a saturation level. Adding more than the prescribed dose of any oxide will have a detrimental effect on the finished products strength therefore do not add more than the prescribed amount.

Other colours available on request, please Contact Us for more information. 

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