Driveway Sealer - 1L or 4L



Driveway Sealer - 1L or 4L

This Driveway Sealer is a high gloss, solvent based decorative sealer, designed to enhance the colour and texture of concrete surfaces. It will assist in reducing moss and mould by reducing the amount of water that can enter the concrete. It is clear and of low-medium viscosity in appearance, resembling a medicine syrup. It is a topical (film forming) product which will not deeply penetrate the surface. When correctly applied, it will not yellow, crack or peel and will offer good scratch and abrasion resistance. The sealer is applied by roller or spray unit and is fast drying – areas being coated can generally be put into service within 1 day of application.

Suitable Applications & Uses:
Domestic and commercial concrete driveways and patios. Concrete/Coloured concrete/Exposed Aggregate/Paving.

✓ U.V. absorber – the coating, even clear, will NOT yellow, even in the harsh tropical sun.
✓ Hard film – the coating is hard with limited flexibility, to resist scratching and the abrasive effect of car tyres.
✓ Mark resistant – the coating has been designed to be as resistant to marking from black rubber tyres as possible.
✓ Fast drying – the system is based on a fast drying solvent, so the treated area can be returned to use rapidly. Usually within one day.
✓ Solvent based system has much improved water resistance, compared to a water based system, where water resisting will cause damage to the film, whitening, and ultimate failure.
✓ Easy to use – application by brush, roller or spray unit.
✓ Ideal for coloured concrete driveways.

Download the Safety Data Sheet for this product from our SDS & Data Sheets Page.

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1L = $ 48.32 each + freight
4L = $ 161.81 each + freight


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