180mm to 230mm Cyclone Cutting Dust Shroud (Nakaya)



180mm to 230mm Cyclone Cutting Dust Shroud (Nakaya)

Ideal for dustless cutting of concrete & masonry materials such as granite & stone with power tools.

  • Multi-Adapting System to fit with popular 230mm Grinders
  • Plunge Dust Control System
  • Multi Adapting System PAT.P - Our revolutionary "Multi Adapting System" enables DUST TANK to be fitted  onto a wide range of popular 230mm Angle Grinders
  • Plunge Dust Control  PAT. - When plunge cutting, the Cutting Guide is automatically stored, the Front Brush then contains the dust being blown forward, max. cutting depth 40mm for effective dust extraction
  • Stabilizing Bar System - Front / Rear support bars stabilize the whole system, the 6-Rollers cancel any friction against the work surface for a smooth cut
SKU: NK-230 TAG: Dust Shroud (Nakaya)

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