115mm to 125mm Cyclone Cutting Dust Shroud (Nakaya)



115mm to 125mm Cyclone Cutting Dust Shroud (Nakaya)

Ideal for dustless cutting of concrete & masonry materials, also for dustless tuck pointing!

  • The specially designed dust flow inside of the shroud enables CYCLONE to collect more than 97% of the dust during the work. *
  • The new designed Front Guide always keeps CYCLONE stable in any situation - not only in normal cutting, but also grooving, and tuck-pointing. *when using the vacuum over 1000W, with the maximum cutting depth.
  • Just by operating the Knob screw on the front, cutting depth can be set in any length from 5mm up to 33mm.  *when using 125mm blade.
  • Made in Japan

SKU: NK-125CY TAG: Dust Shroud (Nakaya)

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