100mm to 125mm Hurricane Grinding Dust Shroud (Nakaya)



100mm to 125mm Hurricane Grinding Dust Shroud (Nakaya)

Ideal for dustless grinding with diameters 100mm to 125mm

  • HURRICANE can be adapted for corner grinding by simply switching the magnetic front covers
  • Stable & Smooth dust-free grinding near a wall
  • Alternatively, the front cover can be fixed by screws
  • With the new FLEX-SEAL system, the head is sufficiently flexible to allow a natural grinding action, yet still seals tightly to generate a strong stream into the duct, even with low-powered cleaners
  • Exchangeable connector enables use with a wider range of grinders
  • The changeable brush is suitable for use on any surface. it prevents the dust from leaking out
  • Made in Japan
  • Compatible with a range of grinder brands: Enquire if in doubt.

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SKU: NKC-125 TAG: Dust Shroud (Nakaya)

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