Core Drills & Rigs

High quality core drills and rigs for concrete and asphalt. Shibuya and Cedima drilling systems for sale in New Zealand

Shibuya Core Drills

Shibuya drills and rigs are made in Japan for professional concrete cutting and drilling. Precision manufacture ensures long trouble free service life in harsh construction and demolition work sites.

Shibuya Drill Accessories

Take your drilling & coring to the next level with the range of accessories such as auto feed, vacuum pads & spacers!

Cedima Core Drills

Cedima core drilling equipment is designed and built to the highest standards in Germany for use in over 65 country's globally!


This drilling rig is ideal for core drilling 50mm to 1,000mm holes.


  • 0 to 900 RPM with interchange motors
  • Low maintenance/ High production
  • Suits a variety of power packs from 30 to 60L/min and 150 to 250 bar
  • No gears - Low maintenance, minimal power loss through transmission.
  • A range of drill motors available from 50 to 360 cm3/rev


This drilling rig covers just about all applications drilling cores up to 1250mm diameter.


  • Lifting 550mm or 1550mm with long columns
  • 315 or 500 cm3/rev motor options.

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