Power Equipment for Bricklayers

Cement Mixers, Brick Saws, Tile Saws

Cement and Mortar Mixers

Mixers for mixing cement and mortar.

Hand Mixer

Mixer - 2 Handle

1200W mixer & drill. 2 handles for easy handling. Perfect for mixing plaster & mortar. Comes with a 120mm 2 piece double spiral mixer. Ideal for mixing 40L to 90L volumes.

Westmix mixer

Westmix Cyclo-Drive Mixer

High capacity commercial mixer featuring chain drive (not belt or direct) & electric motor with Cyclo-Drive gearbox.

Mixing Capacity: 100L | Engine: 1hp Electric (1440 rpm)

Saws and Cutting

Saws for cutting a range of masonry products from Bricks, Blocks and Tiles to Granite and Marble

Guarda concrete saw

Guarda FTR095 Power Cutter

Gurada saws are designed by concrete cutters especially for concrete cutters. Featuring a threaded exhaust outlet for 'Fume Tube' connection.

Engine Size: 93cc | Dry Weight: 11.75kg | Fuel Tank: 1L | Blade Size: Up to 410mm

PRS-860 Tile Saw

Professional saw for any site featuring a rigid, strong construction for precise cuts on tough tiles or stone. Includes a laser guide and crank handle for smooth cutting.

Motor: Electric 1.3hp single phase | Blade Size: Up to 200mm | Cutting Depth: Up to 32mm | Rip Cut: 860mm | Diagonal Cut: 600mm

PRS-1200 Tile Saw

The PRS-1200 is a professional heavy duty saw for any site or workshop application. Powered by a  2.5hp single phase induction motor it cuts stone slabs and tiles with ease. Includes the stand, laser and water pump.

Motor: Electric 2.5hp single phase | Blade Size: Up to 250mm | Cutting Depth: 45mm | Rip Cut: 1,220mm | Diagonal Cut: 860mm

CEDIMA - CTS-57 Brick Saw

Designed for quick and precise cutting of pavers, bricks, clinkers, natural stone and other materials. A combination of stability and technical design make it ideal for every day use. Made in Germany

Motor: Electric | Blade Size: Up to 400mm | Cutting Depth: Up to 135mm | Cutting Length: Up to 600mm | Mitre Cutting: From 0deg to 45deg

CEDIMA - CTS-265 Block Saw

Designed for cutting large sized blocks, concrete, Poroton or lime sand stone. CTS-265 saws enable the operator to separate stones quickly and precisely. Made in Germany.

Motor: Electric | Blade Size: Up to 650mm | Cutting Depth: Up to 265mm | Cutting Length: Up to 500mm

CEDIMA - CTS-375.2 Block Saw

This saw will complete any masonry cutting or sawing job. Especially designed for large dimension masonry cutting. Made in Germany.

Motor: Electric | Blade Size: Up to 1,000mm | Cutting Depth:  Up to 425mm | Cutting Length: Up to 950mm


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