AQUASEAL-WB Silicone Masonry Sealer

The Stratacote Aquaseal-WB Silicone Masonry Sealer is a water based silicone impregnation agent which provides a water repellent coating to all masonry and concrete surfaces, and also allows the walls to breathe.

Silicone Masonry Sealer reacts with moisture and CO2 in the air to create an efficient barrier against water penetration without hindering the passage of air and vapour, enabling the wall or material to still breathe.

All porous building cladding (Oamaru stone, Summer hill stone etc) should be sealed to prevent ingress of water, dust and grime. Consider that an untreated concrete tile roof can absorb 300-500 kg of water, sealing can substantially reduce the roof weight (desired in earthquake prone areas).

Silicone Masonry Sealer prevents dampness and mould on internal walls, helps in the prevention of freeze/thaw damage on porous surfaces by stopping ingress of moisture.

It can be applied to a dry or slightly damp surface.

By preventing the ingress of water into the masonry cladding, mould issues on the interior of a building can be reduced and avoided.

Mixing ratio: Add 1 litre of concentrate to 14 litres of water, giving 15 litres of usable solution.

Coverage: approx 3sqm per litre

Quantity: 5L or 20L

Download the Aquaseal-WB SDS and Data Sheet here

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